Hugo sprung back to good health and was able to make it to the rally trial on Friday. We had so much fun - he took 2nd place (97 pts) for trial 1 (his wonderful classmate, Jade, took first with 98). and it was my error that cost him 3 pts. He/we earned 95 for rally 2, which wasn't bad but he was a bit sluggish, not bad for a guy who had been pretty ill the beginning of the week.and not bad with a handler who was shaking in her boots. ;) Anyhow, just want to thank you and all of the sportsmen's members for all you do all year long and for the fun 'welcome to trial' goodie bag. (I'm using the water bottle and Hugo is grooving on the toys. Such a sweet thing to do) and for all of your support and wonderful training that Hugo and I are getting under your guidance. i am so happy for my connection to Sportsmen's. Thanks again - Randy
Hi Barb, I'm wondering if you might pass along the fun and learning I recently experienced with CGC trainers Marcella and Leslie. They were absolutely the BEST!!!! Patience, clarity, precision, enthusiastic, complimentary to both handler and their dog. Never a negative word, or innuendo. I thoroughly enjoyed every class, most importantly Sage and I bonded even more to each other, and I, as his handler, learned a great deal. I guess what I really enjoyed was that these two ladies would address any and all concerns presented in the class, I mean, some of which I never even thought about but others did. How great is that for a class? The two ladies should be given a raise I simply enjoyed learning from them along with a wealth of knowledge shared by them. Again I thank all of you at Sportsman will check your schedules to see if maybe there is something more for Sarge and I to attend! Barb, thanks again, Kathy Toma and Sarge
Jake got his Therapy Dog Certification last week. I know a lot of the work we've done at Sportsmen's has played a major part in his success (I guess mine too), so thank you!
I have great memories of our training in Ferndale back in 1996. We had only two classes, but our dog was nicely behaved for a lifetime. We lived in Royal Oak at the time, but have since moved to the east side of Troy, so even your location change works better for us. See you soon!--Doug & Juli
"I am in Puppy Star Senior and it's helping me and my pup! I just signed up for the Monday Nite Beginner class . . . ." Jennifer
I enjoy the classes so much, I don't want them to end!! We will be definitely be continuing classes in the spring - this has been a very enjoyable experience and I have been recommending the club to everybody. -- Cassidy & Cannon